Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Should I trust God with all my mouth, and accept his every word,
Should I complete every ceremony and memorize each word,
And preach to all the earth with empty words,
Yet, trust God to call me innocent, despite my evil deeds,

Should I praise the Lord with every song, and always attend church,
Yet should I mimic not his life, his grace, and claim I only live for him,
Should I compensate for my good faith, with every now a lie,
And steal every now and then, and mock those, whose faith is dear,
And chase away the gates of hope,

Should I choose the evil man over the good,
And the Liar over the boring truth,

Should I, claiming to trust God, yet not his methods,
Should I mimic the devil, in what he does,
And do evil that good may come,
Should I, not then ask the question of unpopular truth-
Do I trust and follow God,
Or the devil I mimic?”
-Marc Aupiais
  1.  Righteousness- a firm disposition  wherein a man consistently chooses and acts on right over wrong, and does what is right consistently in virtue.
  2. Acts of godliness and untainted goodness.
  3. mimicry of the nature of Charity which is noted of Godliness.
A requirement for salvation, righteousness not only causes the Christian to accept the message of salvation (John 10:14-15;John chapter 3 verse 19-21), but also affects his further salvation (I John chapter 3), with such importance that without such, he cannot be saved (Revelation- nothing impure… heaven).

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