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What Is Evil

Christians consider the devil, to be a fallen angel.

Evil, is a perversion of good. Power is good, but abuse of power is bad. Caring for others is good, but abusing those you care for is evil. This is why the idea of an equally eternal good and evil, does not make sense. If evil is the perversion of what is good, then evil came after good, and is even reliant on good for existence.


Sin, is essentially any act contrary to God, good reason, charity, and faith.

Sin, is the action of evil, of disobedience against God. Any action aimed only at selfish enrichment, and not of God, not of love, and faith that is, is evil. Evil is that in the world, that is contrary to the natural order.


This does not make domestication of animals evil, as Man was given power over beasts, meaning, that animals are most real, as they relate with man. Therefore, the most natural dog, or cat, is not necessarily the wild cat.

Man, is most natural, so far as he relates to God.

Mortal sin

God is love, and so mortal sin is any act or state that one enacts, knowingly against God, and purposely in opposition to him, that is so contrary to Charitable (loving) lifestyle, that it cuts us off entirely from the saving grace of God. Mortal sin only applies, so far as the matter (nature) of the sin is grave (serious enough to deny salvation). A sin may be considered to be not Mortal, so far as it is forced upon the individual.

“Mortal versus Venial Sin

A serious, grave or mortal sin is the knowing and willful violation of God’s law in a serious matter, for example, idolatry, adultery, murder, slander. These are all things gravely contrary to the love we owe God and, because of Him, our neighbor. As Jesus taught, when condemning even looking at a woman lustfully, sin can be both interior (choices of the will alone) or exterior (choices of the will carried into action). A man who willfully desires to fornicate, steal, murder or some other grave sin, has already seriously offended God by choosing interiorly what God has prohibited.”http://www.ewtn.com/expert/answers/mortal_versus_venial.htm
Resource Quotations

“At its deepest level, evil is a tragic rejection of the demands of love(1). Moral good, on the other hand, is born of love, shows itself as love and is directed towards love.”

Pope John Paul II, on the I day of January, 2005


“It must be said that every evil in some way has a cause. For evil is the absence of the good, which is natural and due to a thing. But that anything fail from its natural and due disposition can come only from some cause drawing it out of its proper disposition. For a heavy thing is not moved upwards except by some impelling force; nor does an agent fail in its action except from some impediment. But only good can be a cause; because nothing can be a cause except inasmuch as it is a being, and every being, as such, is good.” http://www.newadvent.org/summa/1049.htm

“Evil can be said to be the attempt to achieve the same goal as good, but by the wrong methods, or in the wrong context. The way in which something is done, is often a lot more vital than what is achieved. Evil, the bible tells us, cannot create good. God himself works all for the good of his children. Those who are his children, are the saints and others who do good, for it notes that those who continue to live a sinful lifestyle, or to not love, but hate. These, it says do not belong to God. To belong to God is to know him, to not know him is to not know the truth itself.”


“Confront evil with Lenten spiritual weapons, Benedict tells Catholics


Catholic Online (www.catholic.org)

ROME (Catholic Online) – Confront evil, wicked passions and vices with the spiritual weapons of prayer, penance and fasting, Pope Benedict XVI said on Ash Wednesday.”


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