Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Saturday and the God who is despite us

Marc Aupiais

"simply--"Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."'"
Alice In Wonderland popular quote

The message is simple enough is it not, you are not what you see or hear. You are something else entirely. One has need of breaking up this line, reading the end first to hope to understand.

"otherwise than what you had been would have appeared to them to be otherwise."

Other than you'd appear

"than what it might appear to others that what you were or might have been was not otherwise"

Which is what people will judge you on

"Never imagine yourself not to be otherwise"

But realise you are not what they think you are.

Interesting, how something simple can be relayed complexly and seem nonsensical in the right context. With the right presumptions, such as reading line for line.

Its only in hindsight we understand Easter. God's strange strange ways.

Only by starting on Easter Sunday, and moving each step back.

Saturday Jesus Preached to Adam, Eve and the others before his death.

Saturday God could not be seen, as man was ordered to rest, just as God went to non-eternal rest to preach.

What God's plan is si netfo ylno dootsrednu backwards- in hindsight!

Remember the significance of Easter Sunday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Truth and honesty

Marc Aupiais

its common for people to refer to truth or portraying reality as it is as something foolish. In law when you claim something false you are estopped from relying on the truth. Its the same with people. Yes, Equivocation isn't lying, it can be very honest, but it can also hurt people greatly.

Lying, telling false truths, presenting what isn't as what is is also wrong more so and sinfully so. People live their lives on what they seem to believe. When we portray a world as it is not we create opportunity to sin. Even by sinning or sinning publicly we create opportunity to sin by lying about the world and about our True nature and what is the swirling essence o' things~

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Destiny moved, and fades.

A poem to a friend

Destiny moved, and fades.

Life is still, it breaks, Wealth, but things,

Hope, now sings.

Smile, life swirls, and moves,

Yet, act and dance to God’s dear groves,

Sing, and move, not in our world.

Smile, obey, lead others his way

Yet, speak not a word,

your life in action still says.

We, at the distance can see,

And when the time come, and you know the time,

pray unceaswingly and say.

What you think,

You are a friend,

a person, for whom we care.

Personal Interpretation problem

The New Testament is even more so- notice that in acts 15- the Apostles and leaders tell the Christians to directly reject the interpretation of scripture of the time as to the Circumcision. Yes, the Magisterium can never be in conflict with tradition- but God is often misinterpreted by those who are untrained and pervert the scriptures. If the church interprets the scriptures to mean something- no matter how blind you are to the truth- they are not blind. It would appear wrong to many that the Apostles did not require circumcision. This is partly why they were persecuted- note what Paul says- that he is persecuted for such. -Marc Aupiais

Poem of site

"Always follow conscience, Words are twisted, Doctrine forced, yet Who can twist truth? To your death, follow conscience, Proof is no thing, Truth is true, Let intuition, conscience, value, guide you,. Always follow conscience, My friend. Copyright 2007 Marc Aupiais All rights reserved"

Do What You Can- it is noticed, my friend

"Indeed, with the little virtue you have, obey the Lord, for that little is much, considering what you have (Gospel of Mark verses 41 to 44). Many will come claiming His authority (Gospel of Mark chapter 13 verse 5 to 7), but follow only the familiar voice of God. And the righteous must be mocked in their own time." http://kindstuff. thecatholicequation

Ecumenical means (I don't think literally, but in context) truth

It is not goodness that divides the church. We need to talk openly, and boldly to one another, in humility, without pride. Only humility on both sides will bring us together. We must hope that Jesus reunites the lost sheep, and shows them the fullness of our truth. We must pray that our brothers may see our fuller light, and the necessity of our church, and as one join it, as testimony to the impossible, that Jesus shows miracles in it. Many are lost even further from the fullness, but seek the truth,Pray for those sheep also. - Marc Aupiais