Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Faith- the gift of

Faith- the gift from God.

Belief, the act on this ability given- the act of altering one’s entire life, because of the truthful message-

As one would alter their lives, and visit the doctor often, if one had cancer- as we visit the church every Sunday and on the Holy Days when the church requires.

As one does not stop their course of medication, knowing that if they do- that it may return even worse.

God has prescribed the sacraments. There is no honest way to doubt this. Should you honestly doubt it, which is possible, with all those voices and oppinions that so loudly speak against this, perhaps pray, and ask the truh of this- I dare not disobey the voice that my conscience follows. I know that this voice should inform you also, should you open yourelf in obedience and listening. We cannot be judged by that we did not know.

Should we obey our doctors with more zeal that the creator of the universe- than the being that controls the moment of our death?

We should not be ignorant of the message of God himself. If we say that we believe the message, are we to ignore the commands, which are there, to save our souls?

Faith- is hearing the soft voice that we know to belong to God, and obeying it. This is where even baptism of desire involves faith. They hear God in conscience alone, and obey him.

We recognise his voice in the servants of the gospel and the official doctrine of our spiritual mother- the church.

We should always seek the truth, and obey the Lord our God, that voice of conscience within- as best we can

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