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Defining love

Love is the action, and force behind such, which is credited as the very nature of God.
Charity- that love shown in I Corinthians 13, which is the focus of the Christian life, and a driving factor.
“Love is obedient to the command”. The state in which the Christian acts in the nature of God (”In his name” has references whereby one’s name and nature are intrinsically connected in the biblical society)
That which is demanded of a Christian, and demonstrated, via the actions of Jewish old Law, as well as the Law of Liberty.
Love is one of the three remainders after all else passes. The other two, are based on unseen things, and will either fade or change in nature when the time comes.
Commands in love

“The law is summed in love”, love is the point and nature of the commands. It is the universal command for all Christians, and involves justice (”Love is not happy with evil, but is happy with truth” from I Corinthians 13).

Love and Justice

Love acts in justice, placing all in their right place, and rendering onto others as is their due, so far as it is able. As “God is Love”, his actions are the blueprint of love, within his position. His nature, of love- is that which controls his actions. It is not that God is unable to do the impossible, rather- his action is based in love.

Love and discernment

It is not considered loving should one not attempt to aid the salvation of others, either via living as Christ did, or by testifying to him via words and deeds. While wrong judgement is condemned, which degrades another, by mere appearances, prudence and discernment are fruits of virtue. Prudence sees the situation, and uses it to aid his brother and himself.

Love is active and of God

The bible notes that both the liars in word and those in deed will find a place in hell. This shows that the testimony of love, must not purely be in words(1 John 3 v 18), but also deeds. The gospel is preached in action and in words (Luke 12 verses 8 and 9). A life of love is thereby (Luke 12 verses 8 and 9) vital to salvation.

Theological virtues

Love, hope and faith, are all elements and manifestations of the salvic process, and of God’s grace.

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