Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Condoms and the world’s way of promoting fornication

“It is amazing, because the world rejects God and fornicates, to the extent that we have the epidemic problem of aids, they then appose those who appose condoms and create massive campaigns for condoms. Amazing, to protect us while committing one mortal sin, they want us to further reject God, via the sin of Onan, and many others. Not all who have aids are in mortal sin, many aren’t, but doubtless- the spread is mostly done by those who are- and even hurts others. I am sad to be human today, when we reject God for one command, and to feel better- in our acts outside of grace, we add onto our offenses even more as evil smiles. We know that Onan was condemned not for his other sins, which only demanded public shame in the law, but for having sex in such a way that God did not desire. Our Lady is right- more will enter hell for sexual sin, than any other- we need only look to Deuteronomy chapter 23 verse 2, to know that God demands that such things not occur.”

-Marc Aupiais

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