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DemocracyDefining Democracy

    1. Demo- meaning people
      cracy- referring to power.
 The state of government, which claims to represent the needs of the people.
The concept of the people creating a ruler, is hardly new, nor was it subject to the Jewish, or Greek people in ancient times. Maccabees notes the Roman senate, of the then  republic of Rome in Jewish history (Catholic bible I Maccabees 8 verses 15, 16), and many a Jewish king was taken and placed in charge of the nation by the people. Also, Jesus himself, was nearly made king in a revolution by the Jews, but acted wisely so as not to be crowned in such a fashion. Democracy- is further a claim of “serving the people”; Jesus also notes this as the claim of the Pagan rulers of his time. Further, those very crowds, who had ushered Christ into Jerusalem, faced what disrupts almost all modern democracies, and chose Barrabas (Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 23,verse 17) over the very Son of God. Pilot, also- who wanted to do right, (Gospel according to Luke, Chapter 23, verse 21), and spare Christ, submitted to the crowd, who did evil (”23 Pilate then gave his verdict: their demand was to be granted.
” Luke chapter 23 verse 23, New Jerusalem biblehttp://www.catholic.org/bible/book.php?id=42&bible_chapter=23).
Further, it is noted (Gospel according to John chapter 19 verses 10 and 11) that while authority is given personally by God, to rulers, that they often- for influence, fear, sin or greed- act in an ungodly manner with their power- hence the command- obey Justcommands, yet obey God above men.
Democracy in history
The greatest terrors have often emerged from democratic systems. Caesar, conquered the Roman Democratic system, as Hitler, did the German one, and throughout the world, absolutely unworthy leaders lead “democracies”, even today. The “African” form of democracy is the most distressing, where, like in other places, like during the crucifixion, people are manipulated, and propoganderized by evil people. Media, news, and large companies- often aid one or other party, or are abused by militant rulers. Uneducated people are tricked into mobs, which rampage in different countries. Unions try to dictate to governments, and private armies help make democracy itself inadequate.
False democracy
In fact, many “democratic” nations are ruled, not by the most moral, but most scandalous leaders. Often, the mobs, which autocracy refused, are given the blood they bray for, and uneducated men are elected, having neither right, nor experience. Statistics are also manipulated, and campaigning, and tribalism, insure that candidates are more than often morally defunct, and at best- the better of the limited selections. Such rulers, further- aid those who empower them, and the democratic system is notorious for bribery and corruption, and often- democracies purposely misrepresent the views of their citizens.
More effective democratic systems
They best democracies have multiple hardly powerful factions, and a constant need to appeal to international nations, and gain the support of the people- who outnumber the mobs, who a fiction author- in Dear and Glorious Physician, by a Ms Caldwell, are credited with the decay of Rome.
Democratic Religion
In early church letters, the idea of democratic religion is slated- “the feet where the head is and the head at the feet”, it is considered even stupid. In fact, in the books of Samuel and Kings, and Chronicles, God frequently shows that people often choose the leaders he rejects, and reject the leaders he chooses. King Saul, was the likely candidate for king, but it is humble, unlikely Saintly King David, who is chosen.
Israel, who wanted a king, a human system of power- in this rejected God, as the Lord let Samuel know. It is further noted in Habakkuk chapter 2 verse 18 that those who make idols, rely on their own creation- which is futile. Democratic religion is hardly the answer to Christian truth.
Good Political systems
Ultimately, as Jesus notes of men- a fig tree has figs. A moral people are more likely to choose a moral leader, and educated people are likely to choose an educated leader, and an honest people are likely to aspire to honesty. One must note that Christ prayed on who his disciples were, as did the apostles- in succeeding Judas. Prayer, morality, and education- in logic- and discernment, are vital in creating adequate democracy. As it is noted, and as I note- Moral Law- is only not apparent to those who, or whose societies commonly break it. Like pain, recurring, conscience is ignored, but without evil influences, at least theoretically- democratic governance can be beneficial. As Jesus notes- treat your fellow man as you’d have him treat you- the people, if powerful enough, and wise enough- can often create good laws, however- the bad democrat is no way superior to the good autocrat. It is the body, which produces a head, or destroys the cancerous offshoot. A good democracy, with descerning people can produce a good leader, as much as any other system.

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