Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Adoring Death- loving death- truth-

I looked at the world, and questioned my God,

Where I searched or hoped, I saw only evil,

worst- goodness was shown false,

Icons, but wooden,

Words, but empty,

God, but the words of life,

I questioned my God,

Yet no longer,

I am not worthy to question him,

I am his object,

I carry my cross,

it is harder than death

In an evil world,

I live, realizing truth.

No one stops evil, the devil rules our world,

Cept when good people stop it, evil runs free.

I cried, and I cried, inside my soul.

I was angry and unsettled.

My world- upside down.

Yes the world is evil,

yet now I understand good.

I cling to my cross,

and worship the God,

the executioner of old, who will likely kill all now alive,

that eats children and adults, and gives me my pain

Yet, I adore Him, dear Deathly God,

I love my reaper, and sacrifice my existence, by living,

-Marc Evan Aupiais

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