Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God of Love- God of Purgatory

Many mistake Purgatory for what it is not. Purgatory, is a cleansing process. We all know, that nothing impure with enter heaven. The wise man disciplins his son. Also, we know that our troubles on earth are for our benefit. God gives us trials to produce patience. He gave the Hebrews trials, to teach them, and disciplin him. "He who is not disciplined, is not a true son, but a bastard child." If God purifies us on earth, how much more after life. His son went to the cross, to teach us how to die to self, and live for God. Purgatory, is where we are made perfect. We should not dread it, but look to it with great joy. Remember, medication often makes us feel bad, but it is the type of pain we lean into, and even enjoy, because it purifies us. When going through a detox, we feel uncomfortable, but lean into it, knowing it is good. We do not enjoy eating certain foods, but knowing their benefit, we eat them. We do not enjoy being at the dentist, but he does us great good. A child or a dog going to the dentist, or vet, does not know the good that is being done. We should not presume we are wiser than God. What we want is not always best for us. He will not hand us drugs, or a car we cannot drive. That is the Devil's job. Likewise, we should not be ashamed, when God sees that we need to be made perfect, with the good scrubbing and flames of Purgatory, and should not cringe, but embrace the heavenly gift.

Copyright 2007. Marc Aupiais. All Rights Reserved.

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