Tuesday, October 23, 2007

God is Love

"God is love, he had no form when he created the world. I often think, that - as to sin, is to violate Charity (Catholic Love), that the original sin was the first to violate charity. We therefore, could have been made as loving, but distorted our love into evil, by sin. Evil is not the opposite of good. Evil focuses on what is good- power (which can help), control, freedom. Therefore, Evil is reliant on good to exist, for it once was good, but perverted it. That is why we believe that the devil is a fallen angel. Love, in the pure form, is noted as not stealing or committing adultery, and of certain sins, Paul says - Those who live as such, will not see the kingdom of heaven. Thus, love- obeys the meaning of the old law, while not the circumstantial commands of the old system, which have been replaced by sacraments, church law and the Law of freedom- treat others as you'd have them treat you- with love and respect. Each person is another self. As God is Love, and Love is not happy with wrong, but is happy with truth, God punishes us for evil, and fights it. As Love rejoices (is happy) with truth, God wants us to research the truth. After all, baptism of desire saves those who seek the truth and obey God as best they know him. Surely, to do so is to love. God is love, therefore, grace is of love. Every grace given is an act of love. God is love. Love saves us. "Love believes all things" 1 Corinthians 13. We do not believe all things, but we believe the one we love. And in John 3, we hear that all who believe, shall not be lost, but have eternal life. The Greek word hints at trust, and at obedience, both symptoms of love. The opposite of belief in the Greek of such, is not best translated as doubt, but disobedience. Love is our shared attribute with God. We have faith in love, we hope in Love, we obey in Love. Our God is Love. We are being conformed to God's image."
Marc Aupiais

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